Staticwave Moving yet staying in the same place

Writing is hard

Reading is what I do. I tear through webpages, books, textbooks and to a lesser extent novels. This propensity for reading is an issue when I need to move, as I recently did for a new job in Montreal (more on that later). I have written a fair bit too, but always as an academic. Lab reports, project reports, manuscripts and theses, these are all technical documents, they have a specific style and their content is determined by the scientific discovery they attempt to describe.

Other than email messages and IMs, I can't remember the last time I wrote something that wasn't purely technical. I have thought about writing a blog before, I have ideas which I want to explore, but it always seems so daunting because I look at it as a research project with references to find and more things to read. With my recent change of pace, I've had a chance to think about things I want to do, what I want to learn, and what I want to work on. Writing has risen to the top of the non-work list so here is my start to it.

Maybe you know me, if you do, you'll recognize the arguments we've had over coffee on so many topics. If you don't, perhaps this will encourage you to seek me out to have those arguments over coffee, or perhaps to avoid me altogether. Who knows. Either way, welcome.